Thursday June 22, 2017

     Tonight brought the monthly meeting of Rockdale ARES. Dicussion focused mostly on digital modes and equipment. K1KC announced the name of the digital learning group. It is Yellow River Digital Group and can be found on Yahoo Groups.


Friday, June 16, 2017:  

     The first meeting of the previously mentioned digital group took place tonight and was successful enough that another meeting was agreed to. As of yet no date, time or place has been decided upon. That information will be posted when it is available. So that there will be a central location to get this information in the future, we will establish a Yahoo Group page. Each member will be able to post to it and get relevent information from it. 

     Tonight's featured item was the Shark RF Open Spot which was demonstrated by KK4SKY. Thanks Neil.  Tonight's event was hosted by W4DEL, a gracious host indeed. Future meetings are likely to be held in some other venue.

     There was much discussion about current digital methods and equipment. These discussions could hold high value for ARES as it is likely they will come into play in ARES exercises and incidents. We want to be prepared.     


Wednesday June 14, 2017:  An excellent tune-up program on Winlink/RMS Express was presented by W4DEL tonight at the Newton Law Enforcement Center. I know Del went to a lot of trouble to put this together. he made it so easy for us by bringing hardware and software for all of us to use.

     Some time ago Del took on the job of ADEC for digital in the SE Metro Atlanta area and he has done an excellent job. He takes the position very seriously and keeps us on our toes. For this, Del gets the princely sum of $0.00 per year. How's that for dedication? This is the true amateur spirit of supporting your community. Thanks Del, we owe you a lot!

     Speaking of 'digital', the meeting time for the first 'digital club' meeting is 7PM Friday June 16th, 2017 at the W4DEL QTH. Please be on time. Got something to show or tell about? Bring it! Maybe bring yourself a bottle of water too. See you there.



Tuesday June 6, 2017:  The monthly meeting has been moved from the 15th to the 22nd. 


Tuesday June 6, 2017:  The monthly meeting has been moved to June 15th.


Monday June 5, 2017: Hope you made it to the hamfest and found just what you needed. I only found a couple of small items. At least I did not leave empty-handed.

     In case you are interested, a 'digital get-together group' is trying to form. The idea is not to form a club, but to meet (probably) monthly to inform ourselves about all things digital that are related to ham radio. Of course, there is the Wednesday night digital practice net taking place already. The intention is to go beyond the practice of methods proscribed by Georgia ARES. 

     We envision learning about those things which some of us have knowledge of and others might be interested in. Not every person will be interested in every subject, but this could be a good way for each of us to expand our 'digital horizon'. We already know people who have experience with D-Star, DMR, System Fusion, networking, P25, WiRES-X, Open Spot, DV4mini, etc. Why not spread that knowledge around? It should be fun and without much more structure than perhaps a moderator at each meeting.

     We don't envision (at this time) a formal club, bylaws, constitution, club callsign, dues, officers or assets. Anything could happen if the attendees so desire, but this is where we intend to start. Interested parties should send an email to <> giving the days of the week and times of day they could attend, and perhaps subjects they might be personally interested in. From that info we can come up with an initial meeting. 


Thursday May 18, 2017: The monthly meeting was held tonight. No word was received concerning the annual MCV event. It may not have occurred at all. I could not find any information on the Internet about it. 

     No progress was reported on the Annex tower or the hospital situations.


Thursday May 11, 2017: The meeting tonight has been moved to next Thursday, May 18th.


Wednesday May 10, 2017: Don't forget, the monthly meeting is tomorrow night!


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