440 Antenna being mounted




             WX4RCA NEWS



Ga Stare ARES SET is Oct 1 2022 .Our plan is to utilize emergency power due to grid outage.

All members will use back up power sources for radio and computer operations.

Please check into to NETS on VHF on our local repeater including 440 machine.

K4GUP will be NCS on VHF and WN4JC will take check ins  on 440.

Ga ARES will be conducting NETS on 3.975 LSB from 8 till 12 also WINLINK  reports will be part of test.

Also ARMY MARS will be contacting local ARES members with a request for information . I expect more guidance on that request soon. This ties in with COMEX that AMARS will be conducting for the month of October.

Contact me WN4JC with any questions. wn4jc@arrl.com

































































































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