Click on the links below for useful files and downloads:

RCA membership application.pdf

TrippLite PR Series Owners Manual.pdf

Alinco DM330MVT manual.pdf  

Cobra 29WXNWSTOwnerManual.pdf

Icom ID5100 Full Inst Manual.pdf  

Icom ICF21GM Instruction Manual.pdf  

Icom ID880H manual.pdf  

Kantronics KPC3Plus manual RevD.pdf

Kenwood TM271OwnerManual.pdf

Kenwood TS480 indepth manual.pdf

Kenwood TS480 instruction manual.pdf  

Kenwood TMD700A Specialized.pdf

Kenwood TMD700OwnerManual.pdf

Kenwood TS2000OwnerManual.pdf

Motorola HT600brochure.pdf

Motorola HT1000 Service Manual.pdf

Motorola HT1000 specs.pdf  

TrippLite PR60OwnerManual.pdf

Phonetic alphabet.pdf

ARES script rev. MAY 2018.pdf

ARES script rev 121715.pdf  

HICS 2014.pdf

GACounty map.pdf

MasterICS217A METRO ATLANTA ARES REV13FEB 20 20152.xls 

WX4RCA ICS217A Rev.3 Feb.142015 .xlsx

WX4RCA ICS217A Rev.3 Feb.142015 2.xlsx

WX4RCA ICS217A Rev.3 Feb.142015 3.xlsx  

IARU emcomm guide 1jan2015.pdf

ARES manual 2015.pdf

Kenwood THD7OwnerManual.pdf 

TrippLite PR60OwnerManual.pdf

Yaesu FTM100DR Operating Manual.pdf

Yaesu FT1DR Operating Manual.pdf

Yaesu FT1DR WIRES-X.pdf

Yaesu FT1DR Group Monitor.pdf

Yaesu FT1DR APRS.pdf  

Yaesu FT2DR Operating Manual.pdf

FT2DR WIRESX 1506A0.pdf

Yaesu FT2DR WIRES-X.pdf

Yaesu FT2DR Group Monitor.pdf

YaesuFT2DR APRS 1506A0.pdf 

Yaesu DR1 Repeater Base Remote Operations.pdf

Yaesu FT450D Owners Manual.pdf

Yaesu FT2900R Owners Manual.pdf

Yaseu FTM3200DR Operating Manual.pdf  








Here are some other useful links:

The above link is the Walton County Repeater Group .

The above link is for railroad crossing information.

The above link is to the 2012 US DOT Emergency Response Guidebook.

The above link is to Comcast WiFi hotspots.

The above link is to AT&T WiFi hotspots.

The above link is for a map of mesh nodes, sign-in required.

The above link is to the Winlink Book of Knowledge.

The above link is to various FLDigi files.  

The above link leads to the Yaesu FT-450 Owner's Manual.

The above link shows Bob Aston in action!

The above link leads to a smartphone app that produces an electronic National Interoperability Field Operations Guide. This is very handy!








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